Day Twelve: Learning to say “No!” to myself, and the Store Cupboard Diet Project!

On my way home tonight I thought “I would love a Thai green with noodles”.  I knew I had all the makings at home bar noodles and tofu, which were the main part of my craving.  My inner monologue was convincing me that I was allowed to buy some tofu and noodles from Morrison’s on the way home with my daily fiver.

It took all my might for the Fiver Project voice to win and say “NO! Use what you’ve got!”  I can’t have noodles just because I fancy them on a whim.  I have a bigger goal in mind which means some discomfort now and profit later, when I am too old to graft or go cold and survive.  I need to learn to love my future self and treat her with respect, and that means putting her into a more well off position for her comfort and joy.  Noodle cravings are transient.

So I got home and had a can of soup to fill the hunger.  And the plan is that I need to be really really clear with myself that I need to eat what I’ve got first before buying more.

So, I need to use up the store cupboard.  All those dried pulses and all that brown rice.  The cans of chickpeas and the passata.  The random tubs of things I bought on a whim.  the umpteen olive oils.  Use it all up.  Use up the freezer stock before restocking.

I plan to live off cheap frozen veg like broccoli and cauliflower.  You can even buy frozen sliced mushrooms and peppers, which I do have in the freezer.  They are full of nutrients and fresh frozen so won’t go to waste like fresh food can.  So all meals need to be created from what I’ve got.  I can buy more frozen veg and fruit when I run out.  Apart from that, I am allowed to buy fresh salad, because I love it.  Those are the rules of this project within a project!

I really want to keep on minimalising and decluttering everything I own so that it will be possible to rent this flat out in the spring and be a bit of a sofa surfer – maybe even sleep in the car.  I see that as a cheeky adventure, not a sign of having fallen down.  I will be able to save far more.  I will be the woman who paid off her debt by living in a Citigo!  Watch me!  🙂 🙂


Zero spend today, but my starting amount of £8.53 today was actually phantom because I spent £17.96 on food in Aldi the other day and forgot to record it (I need to get better at noting it down immediately when I spend).  So I have added that in and now have a closing balance today of -4.43.  With tomorrow’s fiver I will just scrape back in to “credit” at 57p! So I really need to not spend anything tomorrow (Saturday – friends over for a pot luck supper).

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