Day Ten Done! Project Balance £3.53


Day Eight involved just putting in a tiny bit of petrol (£5!) and seeing how long it would last me!

Well, when I type this I am afraid it will be as new to me as it is to you! The funeral last week rather knocked me for six. But I do think I have done well at sticking to the plan. let’s see if I am right or wrong.

I am going to take this from Day one using the Daily Balance Sheet which has gone only up to Day Three so far and which page will probably be retired as I can’t seem to update it daily. I shall figure a way of keeping this up to date for my own accountability.

Day Four and Day Five spends are here and here.

Day Six – I drove from the midlands to home, spending £18.50 on petrol, a samosa and an espresso in a garage. Taking me into a debit balance of the project rules of -£4.21. A rap across the knuckles is in order. Thank goodness for the £5.71 incoming into the project’s imaginary purse the next day. Learning? Pack food even for return journey and have a flask with me to fill up before leave where I’ve stayed. Even without the food and espresso though, the petrol was £16.50

Day Seven – Back home, shopped at Aldis for basics (salad, frozen fruit) = £7.46. Another debit balance of -£6.10 Oh Dearie me! Lots to learn yet.

Day Eight – £5 exactly on petrol.

Day Nine – (From this day, we start with £5 not £5.57 available to spend or accrue). Spend – added to the £48 from savings towards handywoman job which is not counted (the savings are for using for these necessaries) I put £7 from the Fiver Project. So a debit balance again of -£1.47. Gah! I was doing so well. I am reminding myself that successful people failed loads first!

Day ten brings us up to date. Despite hankering for a new handbag to replace my ropey old thing (and I would happily make it a cheapish one) I have kept my spending finger away from the keyboard and can happily report no spend today. Phew! I think the travelling and the funeral and fatigue derailed me a little and I need to learn to manage that to be with a chance of doing this properly.

So tomorrow, I will wake with an £3.53 balance and do all within my power to keep it accruing, not reducing!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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