Day Eleven – Zero Spend & Extreme Measures

No spend today. I’m really starting to notice those moments when I would just have gone into Amazon and ordered something as soon as I thought of it.

Tonight I made vegan cookies in the microwave for me and a friend. I used Hodmedods yellow split pea flour and coconut oil and coconut sugar. Coconut sugar burns easily so I suggested to Kate that I buy an alternative unrefined sugar for next time. Then I stopped myself. I have plenty of food to use up. I don’t need more unrefined plant sugar. Use what you’ve got.

On the way home from work earlier I fancied a decent coffee and nearly parked up by a lovely café before again realising this would eat well into my fiver.

So a successful zero spend day. Unfortunately though I am aware that I shopped at Aldi yesterday and forgot so didn’t record it. It was a sensible and necessary shop. None of that “Oh a thing I never knew I wanted” malarkey. But it was well over my daily balance. The learning from this is that I had lost sight of my daily balance through fear and avoidance. I need to be really clear what my balance is and I need to keep hold of receipts so I can record spends straight away.

Anyway this means that I have a phantom balance of £3.53 but sadly it is more likely to be -£15. If possible then I really must not spend for the next few days to get this back into at least a zero balance.

Lots of learning in this early stage of my journey. Lots of flops! Definitely harder than I was expecting. But I am still massively motivated and supercharged to keep going.

I am excited about getting possible airbnb tenants in my bedroom and moving into my sitting room. This will help loads. Tonight, after reading Financial Panther’s blog post about extreme measures I even mooted the idea of renting out my whole flat, moving into my car and living off microwave rice cooked at work each evening, showering at work and ultimately saving 90% of my ‘disposable’ income. I’m not really even joking! My plan is to use any funds from airbnbing my bedroom towards a van so I can live in that (well up for that! My fiancé leaving me has given me permission to follow a long held dream to be itinerant). My car though is a tiny citigo and I suspect in December this would be a death wish. Not to mention the cost in massage when my back goes from being folded up on the back seat!

Can you think of any other extreme ways (beside my burgeoning side hustle plans) I can save and pay my debt more quickly?

Thanks for reading.


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